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The following are common problems many eavestroughing systems face.

1. Overflowing eavestroughs:

Improper eavestroughing can lead to overflowing water, which can leak into your basement.

Can create rot against the roofline (the wood fascia board) which is what the eavestroughs are attached to. This can lead to future problems that are more costly to repair.

2. Standing water in eavestroughs:

If eavestroughs aren’t angled properly the water pools instead of draining to the downspouts. This can also cause overflowing eavestroughs.

3. Lack of leaf guards

If you have trees hanging above your house, to keep the water in the eavestroughs free flowing and prevent downspouts from clogging, leaf guards should be installed. They also make the eavestroughs easier to clean.

Many people are hesitant to go with leaf guards due to their experience with the mesh style ones that were on the market ten years ago. The holes were too large and debris ended up trapped underneath the guard and they were a nightmare to clean. Today there are many great options on the market.

4. Better spots for downspouts

When designing a new eavestroughing system it’s important to look at where the new downspouts are going to go. Look at where the old ones are and if the location can be improved. You can change the angle of the entire eavestroughing system and put the downspouts in better locations.

Are your downspouts connected to an underground pipe network? This is common in many cities and from an environmental standpoint you might be better off funneling the same water onto your lawn instead of the underground system. It is not possible to disconnect your downspouts in all cities.

Maintenance Tips:

Ensure your eavestroughs are clean in order to avoid blockages of waterflow. This especially important in areas with lots of trees.

The frequency of cleaning varies based on number of trees. If you have a group of trees right by your house expect to have to clean your eavestroughs four or five times a year. If trees are far removed from the property, once a year will likely suffice.


Without leaf guard: $1800 – $2000

With leaf guard: $2500

When Hiring…

Make sure the contractor has a seamless eavestroughs machine. This machine runs out pieces of eavestroughing that are long enough to fit on your house. This means you won’t have extra joints, which can leak over time.

During the Job…

Make sure the contractors are using a level to ensure that they are getting the proper angles and slants for your new eavestroughing system.


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