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Welcome to The Innovative Group, where we turn your dream home into a tangible masterpiece.

With a passion for innovation and an unwavering commitment to quality, we are your trusted partner in new home construction.









Elevating Home Construction, Your Partner in Crafting New Dreams

Welcome to The Innovative Group, where we transform your aspirations into reality through groundbreaking new home construction. 

With a passion for innovation and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we are your trusted partners in bringing your dream home to life.

Why Choose Us for Your New Home Construction?

When you build a custom home, you have more control over the construction process and can ensure high-quality materials and craftsmanship. You can select reputable builders, supervise the construction progress, and use top-notch materials to create a durable and well-built home.

We value your time and understand the eagerness to settle into your new abode. The Innovative Group’s efficient project management ensures that your home is completed within the agreed timeframe, without compromising on quality.

Building a new home is a significant undertaking, and we believe in keeping you informed every step of the way. Our transparent communication ensures that you are always up to date with the progress of your project, giving you peace of mind.

With a custom home, you can design the space to meet your specific needs and requirements. You can incorporate features like extra bedrooms, a home office, a dedicated entertainment area, or any other amenities that are important to you. This level of customization ensures that your home is functional and optimized for your daily life.

Building a custom home allows you to incorporate energy-efficient features from the start. You can choose energy-efficient appliances, windows, insulation, HVAC systems, and lighting, which can result in long-term cost savings and a reduced environmental footprint.

Your dream home is our mission. We take immense pride in being part of the journey to create a space where you’ll make cherished memories for years to come.

Custom New Home Construction Benefits

Our new home construction warranty includes the reputable Tarion New Home Warranty program, providing homeowners with an added layer of protection.

Tarion is a trusted authority in the homebuilding industry, regulating builders and ensuring that they meet stringent quality standards. Under this program, our warranty covers major structural defects for up to seven years, giving homeowners peace of mind knowing that their investment is safeguarded. In the unlikely event of any qualifying issues, Tarion acts as a neutral third party, facilitating the resolution process between the homeowner and the builder.

This partnership with Tarion reflects our commitment to transparency, accountability, and delivering homes of exceptional quality to our valued customers.

As a Project Coordinator, our role is to ensure that your construction project proceeds smoothly and efficiently. To accomplish this, we will obtain bids from subcontractors and vendors according to the specifications outlined in your approved Specifications. Next, we will confirm the overall budget for the project, taking into account any changes or adjustments that may need to be made.

Once the necessary permits have been issued, we provide you with a Decision Deadline Schedule. This schedule is designed to keep you informed about important milestones in the construction process, such as when you need to make key decisions or approve certain aspects of the project.

By following this schedule, we can ensure that the build schedule stays on track and that the process remains manageable and organized. With our help, we can create a successful project outcome together.

Our company provides comprehensive construction services to our clients, managing all aspects of the project from start to finish. We act as the central point of contact for all subcontractors, consultants, vendors, and city inspectors, streamlining communication and reducing the risk of delays or miscommunications.

Our experienced Project Manager will be present on site daily, overseeing every aspect of the construction process to ensure that all work is done to the highest standards of quality and according to the specifications set out at the outset.

We use only the highest quality building materials and techniques, ensuring that your finished building is safe, strong, and built to last. We work tirelessly to resolve issues as they arise, keeping your project on-track and within budget.

When you choose The Innovative Group as your general contractor, you're choosing a partner dedicated to delivering quality, innovation, and value. We're fueled by a passion for pushing boundaries and turning your ideas into reality.


With over 15 years of experience, we can craft tailored solutions for our clients on a daily basis.


Built on Integrity

“I work diligently day in and day out to be extremely detail-oriented over every task I oversee, in order to provide our clients with their project on-time and on-budget.”

Jeremy Goodmurphy, Owner


What People Are Saying About Us!

We first met with Jeremy to discuss our kitchen reno in the Spring of 2017. Immediately when we met him, we were impressed by his professionalism and breadth of knowledge. He was also kind enough to look at another issue in our house and instead of trying to get more business, he told us how to fix it ourselves. Once the renovation had started, The Innovative Group kept strictly to their timeline; no scheduled work was delayed, and.....

Mary & Jason
Niagara Falls

We couldn’t be happier with our decision to have The Innovative Group plan and complete our home renovation. From our first meeting I found Jeremy to be easy to talk to and very professional. He listened to our ideas and offered a lot of really good ideas of his own. We were provided with a very detailed quote that included a timeline of when we could expect each stage of the job to be completed. Jeremy and his crew were very respectful, organized and....

St Catharines

We were renovating the first floor of our house including the kitchen, dining room and bedroom as well as adding a bathroom, walk in closet and updating 2 more bathrooms. We had never gone through a renovation and didn’t know what to expect. We are so glad we hired The Innovative Group. We knew we wanted to hire Jeremy and his company 5 minutes after meeting him. Jeremy has a very personable, down to earth demeanour that made us trust him immediately. He explained the scope of ...


We have a few more projects for the future and will only consider The Innovative Group for the job!! Thank you Jeremy for making our dream come true!! If I could give you 110 stars I would!!



Pat & John
Niagara Falls